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Dear Supercircuits customers,

If you haven't heard already, an extreme shortage of hard drives is imminent. Disastrous flooding, resulting in death and devastation for the people of Thailand, has impacted businesses globally.

Flooded Sony PlantDue to this natural disaster, hard drive manufacturers have temporarily halted production. Hard drive prices have already increased by more than 300% and are expected to continue rising until the shortage is resolved.

Supercircuits has protected customers from this price increase until we could determine the full implication of these events, absorbing the increase as long as possible. However, new pricing will be in place from Monday, November 14.

Projects you have underway, with an outstanding quote, on which a purchase has not yet been made, will be impacted. We wanted to notify you as quickly as possible and provide an opportunity for you to make a fully-informed decision based on this situation.

Any orders received by Friday, November 11, 7pm CST will receive the pricing stated in the original quote, or until quantities last.

Please don't hesitate to call us if you have any questions. This is a truly unique situation that will impact the entire technology industry.

Bill Rogers, Vice President of Sales Bill Rogers
Vice President of Sales

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