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Why You Need More Than a Webcam for Security

Everybody knows that webcams are great for socially driven activities like meetings, streaming, and video-chatting. However, a webcam can also serve as an impromptu security camera.

Such was the case when popular video game streamer, Nikki Elise, and her boyfriend were robbed at gunpoint within their own home in Tempe, Arizona. The events were recorded and streamed online via a desktop webcam. Fortunately, viewers acted quickly in contacting local police resulting in 1 of 2 suspects being apprehended.

While the webcam played a pivotal role in saving the lives of the two victims, it is likely the situation could have been avoided altogether with a few strategically placed security cameras.

Why isn't a webcam enough?

Cameras manufactured specifically for the purpose of security come equipped with physical and technical features that webcams lack. Webcams require a working computer in order to function properly which is the source of most of its weaknesses. This makes it impractical to have more than one camera because that would require a computer designated for each in operation.

Being constantly connected to a computer with internet access makes it more susceptible to hacking. It also inhibits its placement to an extent that it is not likely to be located in a strategic position such as an entrance, exit, or other high traffic area.

Furthermore, if the computer were to encounter technical issues and shut down, the attached camera ceases to function.

Maneuverability is another issue for webcams. Changing the range of sight or perspective of the webcam must be done manually. Because of this, it would be impossible to view any movement or check for any disturbances outside the camera's set position.

The Better Solution: A Video Surveillance System

Video surveillance systems provide an effective security solution for monitoring and protecting your home or business.

Multiple technology options: Analog, HD-TVI and IP
24/7 monitoring
Secure connectivity
Remote viewing of video
Court-admissible, recorded video evidence

Which Security Technology is Right for You?

Video surveillance systems are available in in three different technology options, each providing unique benefits and capabilities—along with the ability to meet a range of application needs and budgets.


1. Analog Security Systems

Analog security systems provide a cost-effective security solution for home and small business applications.

Provides a cost-effective security solution

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2. HD-TVI Security Systems

HD-TVI is the latest HD Analog security technology that provides megapixel resolution and high-definition video, and is well-suited for security applications of every size.

Ideal for security applications of every size
Easy-to-install (installs just as easy as a traditional analog system)
Supports both HD-TVI and analog security cameras
Transmits video over standard coax cabling, reducing cabling requirements
Provides highly-detailed video needed for forensic inspection

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3. IP Security Systems

IP security systems utilize a network infrastructure and are ideal for mid-to-large sized applications, with multiple locations.

Connects to the network for securing and sharing data
Transmit power, video and data over a single Ethernet cable
IP cameras can operate as a standalone network device, capable of functioning without a network video recorder

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