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Ultra-Compact 900 MHz FM Audio/Video Receiver

Enjoy wireless audio and video in your home or business – all you have to do is pair this 900Mhz Audio/Video Receiver with a 900Mhz Transmitter. The wireless video receiver has standard RCA type audio and video outputs, and SMA type antenna connector. It measures 7.5" X 1.33" X 5.25".

These are some of the best wireless video values we’ve ever offered… you get the "locked on" crystal clear performance of an IC controlled FM synthesized receiver design, the efficient 900 megahertz band, combined with the drift-free signal reception of a phase lock loop receiver.

12 volts DC, 350 mA
RCA-type audio and video outputs
SMA-type antenna connector
Six month warranty

July 24th Only!

List Price:  $105.99

$ 42 42


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