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10 Ways You Are Susceptible to Theft

Studies conservatively estimate that a business can prevent 25-50% of criminal activity by employing a simple video security camera and/or system. At today's crime rates, such an investment will pay for itself in months.

Here are some of the MANY ways that a security system can protect your business:

Fraudulent Claims

Some people make a career out of staging "slip and falls." Fortunately, many of these claims have been successfully disputed by businesses using CCTV cameras in public areas.

However, it's equally important that companies place CCTV cameras in areas of the business not accessible to the general public, where most claims of employee injuries occur.

Supply Theft

Products stored on a shelf in plain sight may be difficult for a thief to access. However, stockrooms are typically out of sight and out mind of a business manager, and make perfect targets for internal thieves. It only takes a single hidden security camera to identify where your supplies are going.

Returns Theft

Goods returned to a store are often held in separate storage spaces, and don't get the same level of security as newer goods. However, thieves will quickly recognize this lack of attention, and consider them to be easy pickings.

Tool Theft

A typical company will keep ample supplies of expensive gear on hand. For some businesses, this gear may be considered safe from theft due its uniqueness, which makes it difficult to pawn.

Thanks to the abundance of online auction sites and shoppers, anything can be sold rather easily. This makes no business immune from theft.

Office Creepers

An unfortunate byproduct of busy offices with lots of expensive technology lying around is something we call "office creepers." Office creepers will stroll right into the heart of any business and take their pick of laptops, monitors, printers, etc.

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