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9 Tips for Protecting Your Home While On Vacation

The joy of summer vacations stems from experiencing new places or visiting an old favorite. However, being away from your home for any length of time leaves your house and property vulnerable to break-ins and theft.


Install a Video Security System

Installing a high-quality security camera system in your home provides a first-line-of-defense against break-ins and theft. Choosing a video security system with the right amount of cameras needed to cover your property, inside and out is essential. Make sure key areas such as your front and back doors, yard, rooms with valuables, and entryways inside of your home have ample surveillance coverage.


Keep Your Home and
Property Well-Lit

Thieves often target homes that are not well-lit. They use the lack of light to their advantage to break into your home, while going unnoticed. Therefore, it’s critical to keep your home adequately lit. You can accomplish this by installing timers to turn on indoor lights at various intervals, and at various times while you are away. You can also install motion detection flood lights that turn on whenever motion is detected in your yard.


Hide Your Valuables

Before you embark on your vacation, you’ll want to take a look around your home and make sure your valuables are hidden from view. Remove any expensive electronics such as laptops or tablets away from a clear view from a window. Place valuables such as jewelry, credit cards, rare coins, money, and other assets in a safe, or a safety deposit box while you are away from home.


Lock All Doors and Windows

Locking all doors and windows before you leave is also very important. Many thieves break into your home by entering through an unlocked door or window. Double check all windows and side, back, and front doors are locked securely before you depart for your vacation.


Hold Your Mail

If you are going to be on vacation for more than a couple of days, you’ll want to let the post office know to hold your mail, or have a trusted neighbor or friend pick up your mail. That way, you won’t have mail piling up in your mailbox, which can tip off thieves that you are not at home. Also, if you have a daily or weekly newspaper delivery, have a friend or neighbor pick up the newspapers.


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Safeguard Your Home with a High-Resolution Surveillance System

Following the above tips, can help you protect your home, your property, and your assets while you are away on vacation. By installing a video security system, and not creating an easy target for thieves, you can protect your home and property, around-the-clock.


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