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Most jobs follow a similar sequence of steps: perform the site survey, win the contract, order the equipment, do the install. Did you know that there is a critical additional step which could mean the difference between increasing your profits or setting yourself up to lose money? Before you head out on your next job, take the time to bench test your equipment.

Why Bench Test Your Equipment?

All too often, dealers get busy and are unable to test new gear prior to installation. When they get onsite, they discover that they either forgot to order a minor item like a bracket, or have problems setting up the system. On average, the cost of these types of delays can reduce your true profit by 25% or even make you go into the red on a job.

Avoid the risk of:

Losing credibility with customers
Losing margin due to expensive overnight orders
Losing time from additional job site visits

How to Bench Test Your Equipment:

Step 1 Open every box and set up your new gear prior to installation. Step 2 Confirm that you are not missing any accessories.
Step 3 Test each camera, adjust resolution and network settings. Step 4 Box the equipment back up and set it aside for install.

We Can Help with Testing & Pre‑configuration!

Did you know? Supercircuits offers product configuration services specifically designed to simplify the process of installing, deploying and managing security solutions.

Extended Burn-In – We perform extensive product testing before we ship, ensuring that factory manufactured products are fully operational and run to your specifications.
Pre-Programming and Configuration – We pre-program and pre-configure products to your exact specifications, ensuring it is ready-to-go when it arrives on site—saving you and your IT staff installation and deployment time.
Custom Labeling – We offer custom labelling of any device, external box, software or IP address to your desired specifications for easy setup and staging.
Custom Solution Integration – Send us product(s) to integrate with your system – we’ll customize it to your needs, provide testing and validation.

Call us to learn more at 866‑542‑3453

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