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TOP 5 TIPS for Choosing the Right Covert Gear

Hidden cameras are used by law enforcement professionals catching criminals in the act, businesses trying to stem loss from employee theft, and families validating behavior of professionals that are on their property. Whatever your reasons for needing hidden camera capabilities, here are the top five points to consider:

 #1 Blend In

The first question to ask yourself is "Where do I need a camera and what type of object will blend in there?" Here are some points to consider:

Where do I need to put a covert camera?

Is the location indoors or outdoors? Could the activity move, requiring the covert camera to move as well?

Flood Light Outdoor
Covert Camera



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AC Adapter Camera
with Built-in DVR



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What type of object will blend into my location?

A book with a hidden camera fits perfectly amongst other books, yet would stand out as obvious in a warehouse. Similarly, an electrical box will seem misplaced in a library. Choosing a concealment that won’t attract suspicion is key to a covert operation.

Electric Box
with B&W Camera



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Wireless Clock Radio
Hidden Camera with DVR



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 #2 What Level of Detail Do You Require?

Think about the quality of image you require. Is black and white satisfactory? Will some surveillance take place in the dark? Will the camera experience radically changing lighting conditions? Is it enough to know that “something” happened, or do you need a positive facial identification?

420TV Line B/W
Clock Camera



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Hi-Res Day/Night Covert
Button Micro Camera



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 #3 Do You Need to Record Your Video?

If you want to record video, then in addition to the camera you’ll need a DVR to record on. You can either purchase a micro DVR or you can purchase a covert camera that includes a built-in DVR for an all-in-one solution.

Smoke Detector Camera
with Built-in DVR



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Indoor PIR Sensor 30’ IR Camera with Built-in DVR



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H.264 Water-Resistant
Micro DVR



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 #3 Product Capabilities

You have determined what your needs are and what types of items would blend in, now you can go shopping! Technical details make a big difference in what you may spend up front. It can also make the difference in the durability of the item.

Remember - if you suspect stealing, any investment you make now in security equipment is likely to pay for itself in the long run. When safety is at stake, the cost of equipment cannot compare to the peace of mind that comes from removing a child or elderly parent from a harmful situation.

Color Complete Covert
Video Camera Kit



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Wireless IR iPod Dock Hidden Camera with DVR and Quad Receiver



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AC Adapter Hidden
Camera with Built-in DVR



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 #5 Double-Check the Details

Your last step is to ensure basics are covered. For example, does the product you’re interested in require a power supply? Is there a power supply where you plan to put it? Will the product fit in your intended location?

If have additional questions or would like help choosing the right hidden camera for you, contact one our technical representatives. They can recommend products you may not have considered to help you get the video you need while staying in budget.

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