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Buying a Security System? Follow This Golden Rule!

When designing a video surveillance system, most customers are trying to stay within a set budget – and are forced to make tradeoffs. Typical tradeoffs are fewer cameras, lower performance cameras, and/or smaller hard drives – and these decisions are often understandable given budget constraints. However, regardless of budget, there is one investment we ALWAYS recommend – purchase a recorder with higher channel count. Here's why:


Inevitably, you will want more cameras – or will want to add coverage of an area missed by your original installation. With open recorder channels, you can simply purchase and install one or more cameras at any time in the future.

Reduce Cost

The incremental cost to purchase a recorder with more channels is typically very small – and much less than the expense of purchasing a replacement product down the road.

Minimize Complexity

Upgrading / replacing your recorder to accomodate for more cameras in the future requires that you re-connect and re-set all cameras, and often requires that you learn a new user interface, mobile application and remote access process.

HD-TVI Recorders:

  +4 Channels for $54.09! That's only $13.52/channel! +8 Channels for $88.21! That's only $11.02/channel!

Alibi 4-Channel HD‑TVI 1080p / 960H Hybrid+ DVR



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Alibi 8-Channel HD‑TVI 1080p / 960H Hybrid+ DVR



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Alibi 16‑Channel HD-TVI 1080p / 960H Hybrid+ DVR



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IP Network Recorders - 3000 Series:

Up to 3 MP recording resolution, up to 8 TB HDD

  +4 Channels for $67.42! That's only $16.85/channel!

Alibi 3000 Series 4-Channel SwitchBox NVR



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Alibi 3000 Series 8-Channel SwitchBox NVR



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IP Network Recorders - 5000 Series:

Up to 6 MP recording res, up to 16 TB HDD, Rack-mountable

  +16 Channels for $128.58! That's only $8.03/channel!

Alibi 5000 Series 16-Channel SwitchBox NVR



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Alibi 5000 Series 32-Channel SwitchBox NVR



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