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Get Perfect Exposure at Any Distance with Smart IR

Ideal for monitoring high traffic areas at night such as store fronts, gated access points, and residential entry/exit points.

Why Smart IR vs Standard IR?

Standard infrared security cameras are well suited for applications where the field of view and focal length are fixed and known. However, customers can make the mistake of purchasing an IR camera that does not fit their application because they do not know the size of their coverage area. For example, installing a camera with an IR range of 150’ when the area under surveillance is 50’ from the camera.

This can lead to either over- or under‑illuminated video footage. “Hot spots” (over‑IR‑exposed scenes) and dark spots (under‑IR‑exposed scenes) typically occur because users misjudge the strength of the IR array needed for their application.

How Smart IR Works

Smart IR cameras take the guess work out of setting up infrared surveillance cameras. They automatically adjust the infrared light required in a scene as the subject moves closer to or further away from the camera, resulting in a clear image that is not washed out or too dark.

See for yourself - check out this video comparison!

Security Camera Comparison | Smart IR vs Standard IR

Smart IR HD-TVI Bullet Cameras:

Alibi 1.0 Megapixel 720p HD‑TVI 65' IR Outdoor Bullet Security Camera



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Alibi 1.3 Megapixel 720p HD‑TVI 130' IR Varifocal Outdoor Bullet



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Alibi 2.1 Megapixel 1080p HD‑TVI 164' IR Varifocal Outdoor Bullet



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Smart IR HD-TVI Dome Cameras:

Alibi 2.1 Megapixel HD‑TVI 1080p 65' IR Outdoor Dome Security Camera



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Alibi 1.3 Megapixel 720p HD‑TVI 130' IR Varifocal Vandal-proof Outdoor Dome



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Alibi 2.1 Megapixel 1080p HD‑TVI 130' IR WDR Varifocal Vandal-proof Outdoor Dome



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Smart IR Network IP Bullet Cameras:

Alibi 3.0 Megapixel 65' IR IP Outdoor Bullet Camera



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Alibi 3.0 Megapixel 260' IR IP Outdoor Bullet Camera



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Alibi 3.0 Megapixel Outdoor 100' IR Varifocal IP Bullet



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Smart IR Network IP Dome Cameras:

Alibi 1.3 Megapixel 65' IR Vandalproof IP Outdoor Dome Camera



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Alibi 3.0 Megapixel 30' IR Wedge IP Outdoor Dome Security Camera



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Alibi 3.0 Megapixel Vandalproof 100' IR WDR Varifocal IP Outdoor Dome



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