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How big is Auto Theft?

Check out this short video to see its impact, and to learn how Supercircuits provides customizable covert vehicle surveillance solutions for Law Enforcement agencies seeking to implement bait car programs in their municipalities

Solutions for creating a bait car

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Customizable Solutions for Your Application

Our proven covert vehicle surveillance solutions are engineered to capture the audio and video evidence needed to ensure a conviction, and reduce instances of auto theft, BMV and UUV. Our law enforcement specialists will work with you to design a solution that meets your needs.
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All Covert Vehicle Solutions

Burglary of
Motor Vehicle (BMV)

Unauthorized Use
of Vehicle (UUV)



for Bait Cars


We Help Keep Your Bait Car
Deployed and Fully Functional

In addition to performing full custom installations, Supercircuits’ dedicated professional services team provides ongoing maintenance and support for your surveillance vehicle program – so you never have to deal with the hassles of having to maintain your vehicles, or troubleshoot in the field.

We’re also experienced in fixing issues caused by improper installations. In this recent example, our Law Enforcement client initially had another municipality perform their bait car install for them. Unfortunately, this surveillance vehicle never functioned as intended and was unable to be deployed. Plus, complications from the original installation resulted in the system’s DVR burning up. The Supercircuits team was called in to correct the flawed installation and get the car road ready. Our client is now ready to begin deploying this vehicle.

Before and After

Different Needs.
Different Packages.

Supercircuits offers several options, customizable for your application, and configurable to fit the vehicle of your choice.

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Our solutions are designed to support virtually
any mobile or portable application:

Small/compact cars

Pick-up trucks


Fleet trucks
(asset mgmt., operator protection)

Equipment trailers

Sky towers

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to talk to our covert vehicle surveillance solution specialists!


Free Software for
Multi-Vehicle Viewing

Whether you have a single bait car – or an entire fleet – our FREE CMS (Client Management Software) provides centralized, remote management of all of your covert vehicles. View live video, hear live audio, and track your bait car on your PC - from the office or in the field.

We offer comprehensive software training, providing you with everything needed to dispatch, monitor, and manage your covert vehicle program.


Considering a Covert Vehicle Surveillance Solution for Your Department?

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