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Security Solutions for Interview Rooms and Interrogation

EvidenceInterview room systems are instrumental in helping law enforcement, government agencies, and corporations record indisputable, court-admissible video and audio evidence during the interview or interrogation process.

HD Resolution Interview Room
Recording System

1-Camera Audio/Video Interview Room Surveillance

Record 1080p high-resolution video and audio
for court admissible evidence

1080p high-resolution live-viewing and recording
Seamless audio and video synchronization eliminates lags
Easily expandable by adding more cameras in a single room or up to 4 independent single‑camera rooms
Convenient recording at the flip of a switch
Easy video offloading via USB, e-SATA or network (MP4)



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Expand Your Interview Room System!

Increase coverage and capture every angle by adding more cameras in your interview room. Or install single cameras in up to four separate rooms, and record audio and video from a single DVR. Choose from both covert and overt cameras!


Covert Cameras

Depending on the application, you may want to consider covert cameras. For a consensual interview, having a covert camera can help to put the subject at ease. For a criminal investigation of a suspect, covert options provide a sense that they’re not being interrogated and can help foster trust between investigator and suspect.

Wall Clock Wired High‑Resolution Day/Night Hidden Camera



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Covert Thermostat with High‑Resolution Day/Night Hidden Camera



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Indoor Day/Night PIR Sensor 30' IR Color Hidden Camera



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Overt Cameras

Some law enforcement agencies believe overt cameras are fine for interviewing suspects, because they feel that the suspects being interviewed already know that they are being recorded.

Alibi 2.1 Megapixel HD‑TVI 1080P 65' IR Wide Angle Indoor Dome Camera



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Alibi 2.2 Megapixel 1080p HD‑TVI 40' IR Wide Angle Corner Mount Camera



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3S 2.0 Megapixel Mini Dome Network IP Camera



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