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Dear %%first_name%%, 

I wanted to provide a quick update regarding our PowerLeads online marketing program.
After a very productive 2016, we have increased our investment in the program – and are planning to drive even more traffic, and more leads, directly to you!
Here are a few of the enhancements that are already launched:
#1 – Toll-Free Numbers
We have assigned a unique toll-free phone number to your PowerLeads website(s) – which will continue to ring directly to the phone number you provided. This will allow us to measure call activity in addition to site traffic. This also allows us to provide you with a recording of all calls – for you to review, or to audit the performance of your sales team. See below for instructions on how to access your phone recordings. (Note – these recordings began when we launched our toll-free numbers in early February.)
#2 – Active Blogs
We have created a blog on each of your PowerLeads websites – and we will post to it several times each week. This activity will help your websites to compete for search engine traffic, and will expand the keywords for which you can be found in web searches. To check out the blog, go to one of your websites, hover over the “Resources” tab, and click on “Security Blog.”
#3 – Active Social Profiles
We have re-activated all Facebook profiles associated with your PowerLeads website(s), and are posting content to them several times each week. Similar to your blog, this activity will help your websites compete for search engine traffic.
#4 – Content Marketing Campaigns
We have kicked off a sustained content marketing effort, which will regularly feed your PowerLeads website(s) and social profiles with high-value content, and will create the social signals and backlinks required to effectively rank with search engines. This is an ongoing activity, so that all PowerLeads websites remain current and relevant, and continue to build traffic over time.
These actions alone should result in more traffic, and more leads!
To access your phone recordings:

  • Login to your PowerLeads admin portal at:
  • On your homepage (Campaigns Dashboard), click on your campaign name (typically the name of your business)
  • In the left margin, you will see menu options in blue; click on the option called ROI Tracking
  • Under that header, click the tab called Phone
  • You will see Call Reports by month – defaulting to February
  • You can see the date and time, caller ID, call length, and click Download to access the recording

If you have questions or issues…
We’re here to help! Please contact me at your convenience. I’m available Monday-Friday from 8am-6pm CT.
We’re not done!
Stay tuned for more enhancements to our PowerLeads program – all dedicated to helping you grow your business.
Inside Sales Account Manager

11000 N. Mopac Expressway, Suite 300 | Austin, TX 78759
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