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Please read this important message about planned changes to the SIMPLE DDNS service - commonly used to set up remote connectivity for Alibi recording devices.
Simple DDNS – www.simpleddns.com – is a FREE service that allows an end user to establish a remote connection with their recording device(s) using a  ‘www.’ address.  This avoids having to use a numeric IP address – which often changes over time and requires the user to re-establish remote connection credentials (a hassle).
Simple DDNS is typically used by:

  • Security Dealers – to register and manage all of your customers’ DDNS host names and information in one place.  This ‘online account management’ feature is not widely used.
  • Your Customers – as a one-time set-up of their recording device(s).  This is the default option in the set-up process for Alibi recording devices.
What is changing, and when?
The company managing Simple DDNS plans to discontinue this service over the next several months.  Below are key dates – and what we are doing to ensure that you and your customers have no disruption of service:
  • February 16  (likely extended to end of February)
    • Users will no longer have the ability to register NEW host names to SimpleDDNS (for an individual recording device).
  • June 30
    • The existing Simple DDNS service will be discontinued.  All existing host names will no longer be supported / function on this date, and existing users still using the Simple DDNS service will lose remote access to their devices. 
    • NOTE:  All devices will continue to function, however…  remote access, which requires a remote device to ‘find’ the DVR/NVR, will require the DVR/NVR’s IP address to be configured in the remote device’s settings to allow the connection to be made.
What’s next?
We are in the process of updating firmware across all current platforms, to provide a FREE DDNS service to replace SIMPLE DDNS.  We expect to have that solution in place by end of February.

Our new solution will offer several advantages, including:
  • FREE Peer-to-Peer (P2P) account via mobile app.  Advantage = very simple set-up process for single or multiple devices, automatically creates DDNS service.
  • FREE DDNS service thru a new 3rd party provider.  Advantage = credentials are shared across P2P and DDNS accounts.
Until that time…  don’t panic!
    • If you choose to take advantage of our new FREE DDNS option – you have until June 30 to transition existing devices…  and we are setting up services to help you through this transition.  Details coming soon.
    • If you choose to set up a 3rd Party DDNS option – see supported options below.  Simple DDNS users that need to export their device list and associated DDNS hostnames can contact our support staff and provide their Simple DDNS online account information.  We will work directly with the Simple DDNS team to have a list exported for the user on a case by case basis.
    • If not time sensitive – wait to add new devices until we launch our new FREE DDNS option
    • If time sensitive – we recommend setting up your device(s) using one of the following 3rd party DDNS options:
      • No-ip.com - offers both free (up to 3 hostnames) and paid account options.  Advantage = free for first 3 hostnames.  (Note: As an additional safety feature, this option does require end-user account confirmation every 30 days.) 
      • Dyndns.com - requires a paid account = $40/yr for every 32 hostnames.  Advantage = most secure DDNS service available. 

If you require HELP setting up new DDNS accounts or transitioning existing accounts…
Call your account manager or our technical support team (see numbers below)

Every employee has been thoroughly trained to help you through this transition.

If you have any questions…
Please contact our technical support team at 877.995.2288.
Or, contact your account manager at 866.542.3454.
Thank you!

Robby Thomas

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